Connect With Animals: Foundation Essentials

For animal lovers who want to better understand and deepen their relationship with their animal friends.


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​Is your pet doing strange behaviors?


Does it seem like your pet is trying to tell you something you’re just not getting?


Has your animal displayed health issues that your vet can’t give determinate answers about?


It can be frustrating or even frightening when you’re not sure if your animal friend is in pain or if there’s something more you can do to help.



Connect With Animals: Foundation Essentials is an introductory level course for animal lovers who are ready to connect more deeply with their animal friends, so you no longer have to rely solely on the advise and opinions of vets and trainers.

Here’s the secret….


Vets, behaviorist and trainers only look at what’s going on in the physical world – the physical manifestations of the problem. In order to get to the roots of the problem we need to listen to what our animal friends are actually telling us.


Connect With Animals: Foundation Essentials is all about teaching you the basics of learning the language of animals, so you can understand better for yourself what your animal friends are trying to tell you.


When you learn the basic process of communicating with animals, you can start to take your relationships with the animals to deeper levels and bring more joy, peace, harmony and understanding into your home.


What You’ll Receive:


This course covers everything you need to know to start communicating more effectively with your animal friends. You’ll discover:

-the basic process for communicating with animals

-which of your senses are most clear for receiving communications

-confidence in your abilities to connect with different kinds of animals



After experiencing a session of animal communication with Tracy, I dove into reading anything I could find on the subject. This course helped get me out of my head and into the actual communicating. Like any relationship it takes frequency and being positive, I look forward to communication with more animal friends. Beth Kelly, California



Applying what you learn from the Connect With Animals: Foundation Essentials course means you will have:

-a deeper understanding of how to connect with your animal friends

-a deeper connection to yourself and your own guides who want to support you on your animal communication journey

-a way of listening to your animal friends when communication really matters

-a deeper understanding of the role your animal friends may be playing in your life




Real Life






MODULE 1 - Our Connection With Animals and Ourselves

1- Overview

2- The Key Role Animals Play In Supporting Us

3- Connect With Yourself & Your Resources First


MODULE 2 - Animal Communication Basics

1- Introduction to Telepathic Communication

2- How We Receive the Messages

3- How To Connect With the Animals


MODULE 3 - Animal Communication Practice

1- Practice Introduction

2- Practice with Zella

3 - Wrap Up


Energy Management Tips and Tricks

You’ll discover more about energy management how you can protect your energy before, during and after an animal communication session.




Energetic Hand Washing Technique

One of the most important techniques for anyone working with energy – how to properly release unwanted energies after any kind of animal communication or other energy work.




Balance the Polarities in Your Animal Friends for Health and Wellbeing

You’ll learn a hands-on energy balancing technique you can use with your animal friends right away. No previous experience required!



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Who is the instructor?

A. Tracy Pierce is an Animal Communicator. She connects animal lovers to the thoughts and feelings of their animal friends so they can create more peace, harmony and understanding at home.


Q. Will this course really work?

A. If you put in the time, do the activities and spend time practicing with as many animals as you can, then YES! Anyone can learn animal communication, but you will need to commit to practicing.


Q. How much is it and how can I pay?

A. This course is a super great deal, it's a one-time payment of $47. Credit card payments are processed via Stripe, so you know your transaction is secure. You can also check out via PayPal if you prefer.


Q. How long do I have to make a decision?

A. The $47 is deeply discounted. The price will go up in 3 days. Be sure to lock in the $47 price point and purchase within the next 3 days.


Q. When will I have access to the course?

A. You will have immediate access to all the Modules in the course. Watch the email address you used to sign up for details about how to set up your account, you should receive them very shortly after your purchase is confirmed.


Q. Is there a money-back guarantee?

A. Yes, from the date you purchase, you have 14 calendar days to decide if the program is a fit for you. If it's not, get in touch before the end of your trial period for a full refund.


Q. Can I work at my own pace?

A. Absolutely! This is the best way!


Q. How long will it take for me to complete the course?

A. The course itself is about 2 hours long. It is however broken down into smaller lessons so you can work at your own pace and come back when you're ready for the next lesson if you wish. You will be provided with other practice materials and downloads that you can use for your practice sessions outside of the course itself. All told, there are several hours of materials you can work with depending on how you work best.

This Animal Communication course by Tracy Pierce was truly wonderful! I was impressed with how much I learned in such a short amount of time. Her presentation style is that of a kind teacher and friend with vast knowledge guiding us through the information with precision, efficiency, and skill. I highly recommend this course to all interested in getting to know your animal friends on a new level! — Dawn B., Arkansas USA



This course is jam-packed with value, here's what you get:


⭐️ Module 1 - 3 lessons  (value $197)


⭐️ Module 2 - 3 lessons  (value $197)


⭐️ Module 3 - 3 lessons including practice session  (value $197)


⭐️ Meditation audio download to Connect With Your Resources  (value $67)


⭐️ Basic Animal Communication Questions guide  (value $67)


⭐️ Meditation audio download to take you into the Animal Communication Space  (value $67)


⭐️ Bonus: Energy Management Tips and Tricks  (value $67)


⭐️ Bonus: Energetic Hand Washing Technique  (value $67)


⭐️ Bonus: Balance the Polarities in Your Animal Friends for Health & Wellbeing  (value $97)


Because I believe in this course 100% I'm offering a money-back guarantee.


If you find the course isn't for you, simply get in touch within 14 calendar days of your purchase and I'll refund your money.*


But I'm pretty sure that once you dive into the course materials you won't want to leave.


The money you invest in this course and yourself could literally change the way you relate to the animals in your life for the better.